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Rainbow of Iran- Interview of APOS with LGBT partner


In keeping with its goals and programs, The Association for the Promotion of Open Society is trying to publish articles about LGBT people in a new project entitled “Rainbow Of Iran” to increase tolerance and awareness among the Iranian people.
In this regard, we have interviewed a number of LGBT Iranians and refugees living in Turkey.
The interviewees in these conversations talk about their most difficult moments and experiences as an LGBT person, as well as their expectations from the Iranian people; Experiences that are sometimes so shocking that remain in the human body and soul for many years.
The issue of LGBT people in Iran is very important for many reasons, including the lack of education, the continuation of closed religious frameworks in some areas and social groups, as well as the government’s efforts to prevent the increase of public awareness.
This project seeks to transform the concept of LGBT from a “taboo” and “deviation” into a natural and accepted concept among individuals and different social groups in Iran.
In this regard, we will publish various materials in the form of interviews, short videos and articles.
The Association for the Promotion of Open Society also invites you, our dear audiences, especially LGBT people inside and outside Iran, to contact and cooperate with us in improving and developing the “Rainbow of Iran” project.
Your experiences, even the simplest ones, can play an important role in increasing the knowledge and tolerance of the Iranian people on less discussed issues such as LGBT people. Due to the political obstruction, Iranian society needs dialogue and the promotion of knowledge and awareness in many areas, and The Association for the Promotion of Open Society seeks to provide such an opportunity.

The interview of APOS with Radin and Hamidreza, an Iranian LGBT partner and refugees in Turkey
This LGBT couple have been partners for eight years and came to Turkey about four years ago due to the harsh conditions for LGBT people in Iran and various harassments from family and society. They are now waiting to move to a third country. In an interview with us, they talk about their most difficult moments and experiences as an LGBT person, as well as what they expect from the Iranian people.
The situation in Turkey is not ideal for LGBT people and asylum seekers. Despite their illness, this couple live in two separate cities, and their efforts to live together, have been so far unsuccessful.
Despite all the difficulties, Hamidreza and Radin still have hope for better future. They expressed their wish for the future at the end of the conversation with us.

The interview of APOS with Aghil Abyat, an Iranian Gay and LGBT Rights Activist in Turkey
Despite living in a religious family and having strict and military father, Aghil never had the opportunity to talk to his family about his sexual orientation. Aghil says that he did not have a good relationship with his father and he repeatedly physically abused by him. He turned into living and working in other cities for comfortable life and freedom, but his partner and former roommate revealed his sexual identity.
It was after this that the threats of his father and family began, and after a while, he secretly came to Turkey with the help of a friend. He is also currently awaiting for transferring to a third country and, despite all the hardships, is working for LGBT rights and raising public awareness.
In an interview with us, he talks about his experiences and the need to increase public awareness of LGBT rights.

The interview of APOS with Ocean and Nilram, an Iranian LGBT partner and refugees in Turkey
Ocean and Nilram both found each other after many hardships and love each other despite all the challenges. Ocean violently abused by her family and brothers because of her sexual orientation. They even tried to kill her but they were unsuccessful.
Despite being aware of her sexual orientation, Nilram always suppressed this feeling because of her family, and especially her mother to the point that she even agreed to a marry a man that, according to her, did not work out.
The couple came to Turkey as asylum seekers after meeting each other and they are now waiting for transferring to a third country. It was in Turkey that Nilram diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and despite the difficulties of treatment and living in a small town, she finally managed to defeat the disease, but still faces so many challenges to continue her treatment.
The couple talk about the difficulty of living as asylum seekers and LGBT people in a small town in Turkey, but they still have not lost hope of living a quiet and normal life.

The Interview of APOS with Radin and Hamidreza, an Iranian LGBT partner.

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